Silloth Show, a trip to Grasmere and a bit of Moffat thrown in!

June is by far the busiest month on the classic car calender, with shows on every weekend and often in multiples. Each year we decide at the AGM which shows we’d like to attend as a club, but many more shows are available to those wanting to enter as individuals.

Back at the start of June we went to Lauder for the BVAC Classic and the following weekend we headed for Silloth-on-Solway. The show on The Green is always a popular one and is very well organised. Unfortunately the organisers depend on donations, sponsorship and programme sales to fund the event as the venue cannot be closed off so that can be visitors charged. There have been a few years where the event was threatened because of this, so we try to support it as much as we can.

We just about managed to line up as a club, with only one vehicle arriving a little later and unable to squeeze into the space we’d tried to save. The weather was blistering, so I was particularly pleased to have remembered my sunsail, which was erected next to the van!

Grasmere, in contrast, was cold and drizzly – as you can see from the photographs!

A lovely event, organised for charity by the local Lions Club, Grasmere takes place on the sports field just outside of the village and is very well attended by vehicle owners and spectators.  It’s nice to see a different set of vehicles, rather than the same ones at each local event! Next year, though, we’ll enter as a club again and have the benefit of the club shelter I think!

To round off June came Moffat Car Rally, organised by the Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts. The weather this year was very kind and we enjoyed the shelter for shade, rather than escape from the rain! Thanks, as ever, go to Gordon Bissett as main organiser of the event.

As you can see, the range of vehicles in the club continues to widen. From small bikes to big bikes, tiny cars to trucks!

Sunday Lunch Club took us today from the bacon rolls of Penrith Autojumble to the excellent food of the Border Gate, A6, Carlisle. Another thoroughly enjoyable family friendly event!