A Jolly Jaunt to The Riverside Museum, Glasgow

The show season has now come to an end and, with the weather becoming more changeable, we’re now arranging events which are a little more than a road run. This last weekend saw club members heading north to Glasgow to visit the recently relocated Museum of Transport to its new home on Clydeside.

We took a leisurely route, avoiding the busy M74 and M8 motorways, from our meeting point at Lockerbie to Glasgow. The route took us along the service roads running alongside the M74 until we reached Abington and then across to Strathaven and East Kilbride, before heading into the Gorbals area of Glasgow. The route took an extra hour, but was worth it for the stunning autumnal views and lack of monotonous motorways!

The Giulietta being chased by a MX5, and two BMWs!

The Giulietta being chased by a MX5, and two BMWs!

The museum itself, now renamed The Riverside Museum, is a stunning display of architectural brilliance. Its jagged appearance is reflected at either entrance and in turn reflects the beauty that is the quay-side anchored tall ship, The Glenlee. Both the museum and the tall ship have free entry, but donations are welcomed and encouraged.


We spent the afternoon (after lunching at the highly recommended in-house restaurant – fabulous food, served to you and at reasonable prices!) strolling around the museum, looking at the amazing collection of transport through the ages. Working models sat alongside touchscreen displays, static vehicles and interactive full size scale models. The museum was busy on a showery day. The museum reflects especially the transport history of Glasgow and the surrounding area. Trams, subway trains, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and boats were all represented.

Before leaving we dashed across to the tall ship Glenlee in between showers! Interesting in itself we enjoyed a tour of the yacht, looking at reconstructions of crew quarters, galleys and saloons.

IMG_3782The lower cargo deck has been handed over to children, with a play area and interactive displays, whilst the upper cargo deck houses a cafe and shop in one half. It was a surprisingly roomy ship! Again, definitely worthy of a visit.

The route home was a little more direct, with us all choosing to have a hurtle down the motorway. However, having stayed at the museum for most of the afternoon, we were happy to get home in time for tea! An enjoyable day, spent with friends – a perfect Sunday Jolly!


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